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September Outing

Our monthly outing for September will be a conducted tour of the new Netcare section of Settlers hospital on Tuesday 8th September. Meet outside the Main Settlers Hospital by 09:45 am. Please arrange to pool vehicles with friends as parking at the hospital is very limited. It should be very interesting to see what facilities this new section of the hospital has to offer.


October 13, 2009
3:00 pmto4:00 pm
October 20, 2009
3:00 pmto4:00 pm
October 27, 2009
3:00 pmto4:00 pm
November 3, 2009
3:00 pmto4:00 pm

FOUR TALKS  – Israel through the eyes of an archaeologist. The talks look at two digs (Jerusalem and Shuni (Caesarea) through the eyes of a participating ‘digger’. Dr William (Bill) Domeris was a participant in the City of David Excavations (1980s) and the Shuni (Caesarea) excavations (1990s). He holds a doctorate in Biblical Studies from the University of Durham and a Masters (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand in Rock Art. The talks are illustrated with slides from the excavations and are intended to be enjoyed by non-specialists.

Sessions will be held on 13 October, 20 October, 27 October and 3 November from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm at Cullen House, The College of the Transfiguration, 13 Worcester Street.

August General Meeting

On Thursday 27 August 2009 Professor Pieter Wagener will talk to us on “Maths can be amusing … Fun with numbers”.  Please meet at the Library Hall at 10.00 am.